3D printing with metal and plastic

Our company provides 3D printing services with metal and common types of plastics. We use the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle 3D printer, which provides a wide range of 3D printing capabilities according to customers needs.

3D printing with metal is a technology that is widely used for printing parts used in medicine, automotive industry, aerospace, and tool industry.

3D is a technology that is great if you need to order a small batch of parts. This choice of production will be more economically expedient than the production of small batches by milling.

Maximum print area: 330 x 240 x 300 mm

Factors affecting the price of 3D printing:

  • Material type
  • Model size
  • Strength
  • Surface quality
  • Time to print
  • Energy and human resources

To find out the cost of production, send us a 3D model of your product. And our specialists will quickly calculate the cost of your order.

Сalculate the cost

NCengineering offers its customers:

  • Serial production of parts.
  • Non-series works and production of prototypes.
  • Guarantee of compliance with all requirements of drawings.
  • Accurate planning of all production processes.
  • Compliance with production and delivery deadlines.
  • An individual approach to the fulfillment of each order.