Manufacturing of metal parts in Ukraine on CNC machine tools. Services for the manufacture of parts from metal to order.

Manufacturing of metal parts

Manufacturing of metal parts in Ukraine on CNC machine tools. Services for the manufacture of parts from metal to order.

Serial manufacturing of plastic parts in Ukraine

Manufacturing company NC Engineering Ukraine offers serial production of plastic parts by means of turning\milling processing. Due to the material versatility and a range of other benefits, plastic parts and components are leaders on the market of consuming goods.


Advantages of plastic parts:

  1. Low price of the material in comparison with other materials (steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals etc.);
  2. plastic resists to the influence of aggressive substances and the absence of corrosion processes;
  3. such parts can be easily processed and manufactured on the machines that allows to use them in various fields of activity;
  4. plastic is not exposed to the change of the temperature, UV light, mechanical impact and other factors;
  5. such parts have long durability and require minimal financial expenses for maintenance and repair of the components;
детали из пластмассы на заказ


NC Engineering Ukraine possesses the most powerful production base and a wide range of modern machines. Our company is ready to offer the manufacturing of customized plastic parts for both large and low batches. The price of the plastic parts manufacturing will depend on the volume of the order, complexity of the parts and specifications of the raw material.


Main characteristics of the plastic parts processing technology

The most widespread technologies of plastic part manufacturing are:
  • 1. Mechanical processing of the parts on the machine (turning/milling processing)
  • 2. Vacuum forming with thermal influence and application of molds.
  • 3. Molding of billets under pressure in special press forms with the subsequent crystallization of the material.


However, the last two technologies require the use of the particular types of plastic and are allowed for the production of the typical parts with large volumes. Such peculiarity makes it harder to manufacture the parts with specific (customized) characteristics. Moreover, the production capabilities have the great impact on the price of individual orders. Thus, mechanical processing of the plastic parts on turning/milling machines is the best and most cost-effective technology.

Our company manufactures standard or customized plastic parts according to customers’ specifications mentioned on the drawings. The technologies which are available at our production site allow us to manufacture the parts of different forms, constructions, sizes and strengths. We can process both large and low volumes of orders. Our customers have the possibility to see the samples of our products before they place their order. NC Engineering Ukraine can provide their clients with the full assistance on each stage of the order processing and can help if any modifications of the part are needed.

At NC Engineering Ukraine you can order the products made of plastic of different types of rigidity, texture and color. We offer very convenient lead time for manufacturing of plastic parts. However, it may slightly vary depending on the volume of the order, complexity of the part, its technical specifications etc.
детали из пластика на заказ


Area of use of plastic parts and components

NC Engineering Ukraine is the market leader in the manufacturing of plastic parts. We pay high attention to the quality of our products and strictly follow all the requirement of national and European quality standards.

Plastic is one of the most used materials in modern industry. Plastic parts and components can be used in different areas of activities:
  • radio engineering and instrument manufacturing;
  • automotive industry;
  • electrical engineering;
  • agricultural industry;
  • chemical and food industry;

Plastic parts can be used as the components for shut-off valves, handles, sealing rings, gears and others. Wear-resistant plastic (polyamides and polyolefins) is widely used for the production of metal-cutting and woodworking machines. On condition that plastic guide bush sets are protected from the influence of the abrasive particles (chips, abrasive dust, etc.) the very guides can work for a long time even in the toughest operating conditions.


Insignificant mechanical strength and instability of forms of plastic products are the main factors that restrict the use of this material for the production of parts for various power units. However, fiberglass may serve as the alternative in such cases. If you wish to order plastic parts manufactured at our company, feel free to get in touch with one of our managers. Please send us your drawings with all the technical requirements. All contact details can be found in the section Contact Us. Moreover, you can send us the sample of the product you want to manufacture using the services on any shipping company. The address of our production site is also indicated in the Contact Us section.