Manufacturing of metal parts in Ukraine on CNC machine tools. Services for the manufacture of parts from metal to order.

Manufacturing of metal parts

Manufacturing of metal parts in Ukraine on CNC machine tools. Services for the manufacture of parts from metal to order.


Serial manufacturing of metal parts on CNC machines

NC Engineering Ukraine offers serial production of parts and mechanisms for enterprises of any form of ownership. Our company has powerful production base and high-tech equipment.

Manufacture of customized metal part – short lead time, high quality, convenient prices

Our company is interested in the production of serial parts. Therefore, if you specialize in the production of products with complex parts and components, we are ready to consider mutually beneficial options for cooperation and to process any volume of orders.

NC Engineering Ukraine is proud to have a wide range of modern CNC equipment. This allows us to manufacture series of the parts of any level of complexity strictly in accordance with customers’ specifications. We guarantee individual approach to every customer. Our employees are professional turners and millers. This eliminates any errors and deviations from the customers’ requirements and specifications which is very important in serial production.

We process the orders for the parts manufacturing of any level of complexity. Modern, high precision CNC machines and qualified professionals guarantee the manufacturing of the parts of different geometric shapes and sizes. Our company offers the manufacturing of the parts according to the individual drawings or ready samples. You can send us the copy of the drawing or model via email or send us the sample of the part directly to our production site the address of which you can find in the Contact Us section. Once our engineers will process your RFQ we will provide you with our offer.

Milling processing is performed on highly precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. NC Engineering Ukraine owns 25 modern CNC turning, milling and turn-milling machines with help of which we can process the orders for metal parts.

Nowadays, we established strong cooperation with customers from the following fields of activity:


  • equipment for disabled
  • measuring devices production
  • packaging and printing industries
  • manufacture and repair of bicycles
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • sporting goods suppliers
  • food processing enterprises
  • manufacturers of accessories for the active leisure
  • medical industry
  • compressor equipment manufacturers
  • production of optical goods
  • microelectronic industry
  • gas and oil industry


Manufacturing of metal part – products made according to European standards

Why should you order the manufacturing of metal parts on CNC machines?

  1. If you are manufacturing the products with the complex mechanisms made of metal or plastic.
  2. If you are producing metal parts for railway, automotive or aviation industries.
  3. If you are manufacturing the parts on CNC machines required for maintenance and repair of the technological equipment in the food industry.
  4. If you install complex metal constructions that require non-standard metal components or mounting units.

This is far not the full list of industries where the CNC metal parts can be applied.

Manufacturing of parts from stainless steel and aluminum - high precision and convenient prices.

Parts made of non-ferrous metals are widely used in food and chemical industries where the use of steel is not allowed in the technological process due to its low resistance to corrosion or other factors.

If you order manufacturing of aluminum part you can be 100% sure that the part will be made according to your specifications and quality requirements. This is due to the fact that manufacturing is done on high-precision CNC machine which minimizes the amount of waste, and, as a result, reduce the cost of the product.

Manufacturing stainless steel or other non-ferrous metal parts at our company is correct and profitable decision for your business. We manufacture high precision parts of different shapes and sizes. Our staff consists of experienced engineers and machine operators that eliminate possibility of any error or inaccuracy during the manufacturing process. QA department controls the quality of the products at each stage of production.

Price for our services depends on the complexity and volume of the order. NC Engineering Ukraine has a good discount system for their loyal customers. That allows saving money during further orders. We process the order strictly within the time frameworks which were agreed with the client. In order to get more details please contact one of our managers phone number of which you can find on our website in the section Contact Us. And remember: there are no unsolved tasks – our teams of experienced professionals and highly modern equipment can easily handle any your request.

Our parts are shipped to any place in Ukraine. Finished products can be delivered by Nova Poshta, InTime, SAT to Dnipro, Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv or any other city. We work with both cash payments and bank transfers.