Metalworking in Ukraine. Machining of metal on CNC machine tools. Metal-working services on order.


Metalworking in Ukraine. Machining of metal on CNC machine tools. Metal-working services on order.

Metal processing on CNC machines

Modern metal processing on CNC machines is highly technological process that involves quick processing of parts according to the given algorithm. Unlike manual manufacturing, the metal processing on CNC machine is implemented with help of software control that eliminates the possibility of errors or inaccuracies during the manufacturing process. As a result, CNC metal processing is a modern solution for a fast manufacturing of the parts quality of which is confirmed by a software.


Our company works with all types of metals and alloys including:

  • steel
  • aluminum
  • brass
  • bronze
  • stainless steel
  • plastic



CNC turning and  milling services


Main advantages of processing metal parts on CNC machines:

High speed and précised processing of the part in accordance with individual drawing;
CNC metal processing allows eliminating errors and inaccuracies. Such processing method is an optimal solution if you are looking to manufacture high quality parts with unique forms fast.

High automation of manufacturing process;
Mechanical processing of metal according to the drawing provides both precision of required forms and tolerances as well as necessary roughness of the surface. The technology of the parts manufacturing on CNC machines guarantees identity of all the parts from one batch.

High quality of the parts’ surface;
Different types of metal processing allow manufacturing of the parts of different types and complexity within the short lead time.

Parts are made 100% according to the drawings
One of the main peculiarities of CNC manufacturing is that the part of different shape and complexity can be made accurately to the drawing of the customer.


Technology of metal processing. Peculiarities of the manufacturing process.

Nowadays, metal processing on CNC machines becomes a choice for those who demands quick and precise results. CNC metal processing is made according to the software that consists of a bunch of numerical steps that are individual for every type of the machine.
Turning metal processing to order – represents a complex of operations with the aim of fast and precise production of individual parts. The technology of turning processing allows realization of a range of operations that result in obtaining of the parts of the required type.
Metal processing on CNC turning machines - is implemented by method of rotation and involves the processing of curved or multi-stage metal surfaces.
Due to their multifunctionality, CNC turning machines may perform a wide range of operations on metal processing within the short period of time.


CNC turning processing can involve both serial manufacturing and low batches production of different parts. Turning processing allows thread cutting, drilling, boring of conical, cylindrical or shaped surfaces as well as face cutting. Turning metal processing on the maximum speed is possible due to the wide range of tools available. Moreover, CNC machine allows turning processing of non-ferrous metal parts of any degree of complexity. As a result, the CNC turning processing can greatly decrease the manufacturing time.
Milling processing of the metal is oriented on the manufacturing of the parts with complex geometrical shape and surface. Such metalworking services allow processing of various surfaces. Performance of technological operations results in precise processing of metal part or billet.
You can find a wide range of modern, professional equipment for turning, milling, turn-milling processing of the part of different type of complexity at our company NC Engineering Ukraine.


Metal processing on CNC machines in Ukraine to order.

NC Engineering Ukraine offers manufacturing of individual parts according to the drawing specifications on the modern CNC machines. Due to the highly technological capacities of our production site and the team of experienced professionals, our company can offer turning, milling, turn-milling processing of the parts of any type and complexity.


Our machine range includes seven lathes, five turn-milling machines and thirteen milling machines from well-known brands. Such equipment gives us an opportunity to process your order quickly, precisely and of high-quality.
We pay special attention to quality control systems during metal processing on CNC machines. Every metal processing machine is equipped with modern systems of software control that assure continuous and precise manufacturing process. That results in high quality of the metal parts made on CNC machines.