Milling work on CNC machine tools for metal and plastic to order according to your drawings in Ukraine. Metal milling.

CNC milling work

NC Engineering Ukraine offers a wide range of milling services.

Our equipment fleet consists of:
  • 13 milling machines
  • 5 turn-milling machines
  • 7 lathes
through which we can perform milling services ensuring high quality of the end product.
Milling services for parts with different design features and dimensions
Part milling Parameters
Maximum dimensions 250х1000х700 mm
Minimum dimensions 4х4х4 mm
Machining accuracy up to 0.005 mm

We work with all kinds and types of alloys of such materials: steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, stainless steel, plastic

We offer our clients:
  • Mass production of parts
    With the increase of orders we offer our clients an individual discount system.
  • Custom works and prototype manufacture
  • Assured compliance with drawing specifications
    We guarantee strict observance of tolerances, dimensions and use only suitable materials.
  • Timely delivery of parts
  • Individual approach to every project

In order to make the manufacturing process fast and appropriate, our specialists regularly attend refresher courses. High competence of the employees not only allows monitoring and analysing the manufacturing process, but also operating innovative equipment. The main objective of each specialist of the NC Engineering Ukraine team is to ensure high quality of the manufacturing process with a guaranteed excellent result.

You can receive consultation and order milling services right now. Just call one of the managers of NC Engineering Ukraine.