Milling work on CNC machine tools for metal and plastic to order according to your drawings in Ukraine. Metal milling.

CNC Milling of metal and plastic


CNC Milling of Metal and Plastic

CNC turning and milling works - a modern approach to the customer.

Here in Ukraine, there is a high demand for the services of metal processing among the enterprises of different forms of ownership. CNC (computer numerical control) milling services are one of the main areas in the processing of metals and other materials. Parts and components can be manufactured on the machines according to individual customers’ drawings. These components can be used in various mechanisms and machineries. CNC milling machining allows to process flat and complex surfaces.

We work with all types of metals and alloys including:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Stainless Steel
  • Plastic


Technical capabilities of parts manufacturing:

Milling of the parts Parameters
Maximum dimensions 250х1000х700 mm
Minimum dimensions 4х4х4 mm
Machining accuracy up to 0,005 mm

The equipment park of NC Engineering Ukraine includes:

  • 7 lathes
  • 5 turn-milling machines
  • 13 milling machines


Today, we offer to our customers the following services:

  • Serial production of the parts;
    We offer the individual discount system to our customers if they increase the volume of their orders.
  • Low volumes production and prototypes manufacturing;
  • Guarantee of compliance with all the requirements of the drawings;
    During the manufacturing process of parts, we accurately take into account all the dimensions, tolerances and conformity of the materials.
  • Accurate planning of all production processes;
  • Sharp delivery terms;
  • Individual approach to every order.


CNC turning and milling services, in comparison to manual control, exclude the human factor allowing high precision of product processing with machining accuracy of up to 0,005 mm. Work on a CNC milling machine significantly accelerates the process of part manufacturing. Therefore, it allows increasing the volume of manufactured products and reducing the lead time for the orders.

In modern world, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of metalworking services. Metal parts and components are used in various machines, industrial equipment, mechanisms etc. Stock of spare parts for the production will eliminate the possibilities of equipment downtime and economic losses of the enterprise as a result. CNC milling of metal cannot be performed without the right choice of methods suitable for a particular type of component. The professionalism of the operator and the technical condition of the machine play the important role in this process.

CNC turning and milling services of various levels of complexity

Our company offers CNC turning and milling processing of both simple and complex parts. Our equipment range consists of 25 high-tech turning, milling, turn-milling machines which can process small and large parts from different types of materials and alloys:

  1. CNC milling of plastic – manufacturing of components for furniture production, various shafts and covers, advertising constructions etc;
  2. CNC turning\milling processing of metal – metal parts for machinery, equipment and mechanisms;
  3. CNC milling of aluminum – parts that are used in food processing, electronic, chemical industries where the technology involves the use of aluminum parts only.

Precise performance of milling machine is a guarantee of the high quality production

We offer CNC milling services according to individual customers’ drawings or models. Thanks to the modern range of machines and advanced tools our company can process even the most complicated orders. You can also order the services of milling engraving on surfaces of different types of steel. For each individual case, our professional machine operators will choose the optimal mode suitable for a specific surface. The milling services on the machine must be accompanied by the correct choice of cutters and geometry of the cutting tool. These are important factors for productivity and optimization of the cost of the process. The machining accuracy largely depends on the quality of the tool. The work on the milling machine is based on the method of copying with help of CNC (computer numerical control) and requires special training of the operator. The combination of all of these factors determines the quality of the processed part.

Professional CNC milling services to order

NC Engineering Ukraine offers CNC turning and milling services for private and corporate clients.

Here is why you should contact us:

  • We offer individual approach to every customer and compliance with the terms of delivery of parts.
  • A wide range of machines allows us to process large orders.
  • We provide a flexible system of discounts for large serial production.
  • Production of prototypes and low volume batches according to customer's individual drawings can be done at our company.
  • The great experience and proper qualification of our specialists guarantee the quality of our products.
  • Strict quality control is introduced at every stage of part manufacturing.
  • Economically justified price on our services will allow you to save money.

The cost of CNC milling services depends on the complexity of the order. In order to find out the price for our services, feel free to send us a request for quotation via or send the sample part to our production site. Our experienced engineers will calculate the part and offer you very convenient price.

With a reputation of a reliable partner, our company is customer-oriented, open for discussions and never violates its obligations to the customer.

We will timely process your orders for CNC milling services of any level of complexity. Your order will be delivered to any place in Ukraine by any convenient type of shipment. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact our experts. All the contact information you can find in the section Contact Us.