NC Engineering Ukraine manufactures high-quality parts in compliance with provided specifications and all applicable standards.

We produce and supply parts and component units only in a form coordinated with the client. All our products are delivered of a proper quality and at an agreed time. Our attitude to clients implies reliability, stability and prompt fulfilment of each task. We constantly work on improvement of the manufacturing process.

Our quality assurance system consists of several thorough stages and is carried out from the very beginning and until a part is completely finished.

ISO 9001:2005
Quality control

The Quality Assurance System of NC Engineering Ukraine involves the following stages:


Raw material control 

Raw material control involves an incoming control of all materials and providing certificates for materials upon client’s request, including conducting their chemical analysis.

First-off sampling


On-machine process control

On-machine process control involves constant control of the dimensions and other parameters of a part by an operator.

Outgoing control

Outgoing control involves the following stages: random inspection of a required number of parts, entering data into a protocol and packaging. Prior to packaging and shipment, specialists of NC Engineering Ukraine make sure the packaging materials are reliable and free of corrosion and mechanical damage.


Cooperating with metrological companies, we verify and calibrate all our measuring instruments and other equipment on a regular basis. Consequently, the process of manufacturing parts at NC Engineering Ukraine is always accurate, efficient and effective. We work only with the partners and subcontractors that meet our high standards.

The team of NC Engineering Ukraine consists of qualified specialists, who are always ready to implement the most sophisticated tasks. You can get a qualified advice and learn about specifics of our work right now. Just contact one of the managers of NC Engineering Ukraine.

NC Engineering Ukraine means qualitative and fast production of parts, convenient prices and prompt delivery.